Welcome to Dogface Lab's GitBook, where you can discover our web3 roadmap. Our plan is to drive systemic change for our community of veteran and first responder supporters using blockchain technology.

A word from The Founder

When I created Dogface I had a simple mission. Leverage NFTs and blockchain technology to create wealth for investors while driving systemic change for veterans and first responders. Our plan is to build a 7 collection NFT ecosystem that is focused on generating passive income to holders through fractionalized crypto mining rewards and diversified investments. The collection are part of an epic adventure war story with art that is created by talented veteran artists. I personally believe that cryptocurrency is driving a paradigm shift in the global monetary system that provides an opportunity for early adopters to generate a large amount of wealth. I understand that 'Freedom' is central to the mindset of those who serve and also crypto investors. My goal is to deliver financial freedom for those who are prepared to educate themselves and work hard in the community and this is what I measure the success of the project against. Mark Tulloch Founder


Dogface Labs is not a registered broker, analyst or financial advisor. None of the information shared within the Dogface Labs Discord server or official Dogface Labs websites should be taken as financial or investment advice. Please note that within the NFT space there are always risks. Anything shared within the Dogface Labs server including links to external websites may have associated risks you should always take into consideration. By purchasing any of the Dogface Labs NFT token you are not buying a security or investment. The Dogface Labs team shall not be held liable for any losses, mistakes, or taxes you may incur as a result of such purchase. The NFT space is evolving quickly and can be filled with bad actors. Please ensure you are always doing your own due diligence within this space and working with your financial advisor before making any financial decisions.

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